The cinematic Ruby character was a Element X project. Here are some of the steps I took:

At the time of this project, I went back to KH2 to get the type of clump and locks I wanted. But with recent updates KH3 is by far more effiicent and easier to use. I used the standard guides and filler pointcloud setup. Guides are following 102 hand placed curves.

The full rigged character was created with Element X's in house character rigging system, OTTO | RIG, created by Eric Turman. I extracted an edge loop around the top and bottom of the eyelid mesh. Constrained nulls to the curve with a custom up vector. Then weighted the eyelash nurb surfaces to the nulls. Linking the up vector with the eye rig, and using corrective morphs for the lash nurb surfaces, gave us complete control over the eye movement and blinking without having to adjust Kristinka for each revision from the client.

I used KH3 for the eyebrows and eyelashes. Cross Sections for the eyebrows. But only input one grid selection.

I setup some custom peramiters along the way so I can control some attributes like turbulence and scale globally.

Texturing was done in Mari. Displacements from ZBrush. Rendered in Arnold.

More information on OTTO | RIG can be found here HERE