Christopher McCabe


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Christopher McCabe

Rigging Artist

DreamWorks Animation

Rigging Artist

Glendale, CA.

4/1/2022 / Present

  • 3D Character rigging and skinning for primary and secondary class characters and associated wardrobe and props.
  • Maintain relationship with animators to meet asset standards and identify and solve issues.
  • Trained new employees in CurGen and NextGen pipelines.
  • Maintained training documentation.
  • Worked with pipeline API to automate tasks.

Company 3

Rigging Supervisor

Burbank, CA.

2020 – 2022

  • Supervise the daily operations of a seven person rigging department
  • Manage the interdepartmental workflow of rigging for multiple television shows
  • Communicate task statuses to animation, production, and management
  • Work with production to meet project deadlines and expectations
  • Prioritize feature requests for the animation team
  • Implement modular rigging system in place of linear workflow for character rigs
  • Develop modular rig components using Python
  • Administer and maintain F.A.C.S. facial rigging system
  • Advance the facial motion capture workflow for all character rigs
  • Record and process full body and facial motion capture for animation library
  • Apply Git version control standards and practices for software tool development
  • Build software tools to assist in daily departmental tasks • Diagnosis and resolve issue reported by animation at rig and shot level


Rigging Artist

Montreal, Canada.

2019 – 2020

  • Set up and maintained complex creature rigs
  • Developed and enhanced rig modules within the Pinocchio rigging system
  • Wrote function libraries to automate common rigging tasks
  • Collaborated with the Animation department to implement specific rig requests
  • Collaborated with the CFX department to support Ziva work flow
  • Provided support to secondary rigging department in Mumbai
  • Tested pipeline and provided recommendations for ongoing improvements
  • Attended production meetings to evaluate and prioritize development milestones

Blur Studio

Rigging Artist

Culver City, CA.

2017 – 2019

  • Collaborated with modeling and animation departments to articulate realistic characters
  • Produced rig functions and requirements based on animators’ requests
  • Designed and created character effects such as cloth and fur simulations
  • Provided support to character rigs throughout production
  • Created User Interfaces and tools to assist the CFX and Rigging departments
  • Developed long-term strategies to automate character production
  • Worked with Leads and Production staff to prioritize tasks

Reel FX

Rigging Artist

Dallas, TX.

2016 – 2017

  • Worked with Leads to create and execute the Director’s vision of fur and cloth on all productions
  • Ran realistic and stylized cloth simulations in a production environment
  • Developed complex garments for use in shot work
  • Performed corrective shapes and sculpting fixes for cloth simulation in shot
  • Developed and create new tools for the pipeline and fellow artist
  • Rendered cloth and hair elements

Vancouver Film School

3D Animation and Visual Effects

2007 / 2008