Christopher McCabe


This is the current progress of my Ziva muscle rig. This is my second attempt at creating a dependable setup that is reliable under extreme poses. I learned a lot from my first attempt. And am achieving greater success as a result of many iterations.

I have also been refining my Ziva workflow toolset. Which can be read about further down the page.

This is a toolset that I wrote using Ziva’s API, as well as custom coding, to assist in the speed and functionality while working with Ziva. This first tab contains tools to quickly create Ziva tissues and manipulate their values. It provides the ability to easily select object groups. As well as select single object types contained on selected tissues. A tool to mirror Ziva tissues and corresponding LOA custom setup(s) is available. Save and load simulation cache. And of course remove object types and object setup(s) from the scene.

The LOA tab is used to create my custom Line of Action Flexion and Extension setup. This setup can be exported, rebuilt and mirrored using this toolset.

When using Zbrush to create tissue shapes. The tissues can be batch exported to a directory using Subtool Master. The Update tool at the top of this tab will grab the latest mesh version and update the selected tissue within Maya. It will then set mesh parameters and reapply the tissue(s) material.

Options to backup and restore are available. You can easily key simulation run-up values. And some extra object oriented tools are also available at the bottom.